Curing light

Curing light

JW-CV02 LED Curing Machine

JW-CV02 LED Curing Machine

Product number:JW-CV02
Product description:

Product Description

LED Curing Machine JW-CV02


This LED curing machine is 2013 new designed for resign ceramage material.


1. Applicable to any resin, especially to ceramage material

2. Adopting new LED blue source, lifespan can last for 5,000 hours, avoid trouble of changing light bulb.

3. Quick solidifying, curing time down to 1-2 minutes.

4. Perfect effect on curing resign, very firm and reliable

5. Operative procedure can be set by users, can meet personal requirements.


1. Quntity of LED:15pcs

2. Wavelength: 420-485nm

3. Illumination density:400-500mW/cm2

4. Power: 400W

5. Input: AC100/240V

6. Gross weight: 11.2KG