Teeth Whitening Powder

JW-BPD85H Teeth Whitening Powder for Man

JW-BPD85H Teeth Whitening Powder for Man

Product number:JW-BPD85H
Product description:Teeth Whitening Powder, teeth whitening at home with best result. OEM available.

Product Description


Teeth Whitening Powder for Man JW-BPD85H


Teeth whitening powder for man with black teeth and yellow teeth.



Refreshing Peppermint Flavor 

No Thickeners or Foaming Agents

Unique, Natural Cleanser

Stimulates the Gums

Cleans Teeth , Freshens Breath

100% No Contains Any Peroxide Bleaching Agents 

100% Natural Ingredients

Convenient Large Container--Great for home and travel use 

1) Great for home:

This convenient large container allows you to dip your toothbrush totally so that you don’t waste the powder by sprinkling it in the bathroom sinkwhen you are putting powder on the toothbrush 

2) Great for travel:

For wildness trippers, especially those who travel in sub-zero temperatures, tooth powder can be an excellent alternative to tradition toothpaste, which may freeze, weighs more, and requires waters for rinsing.



Contains HCS whitening ingredient, could remove the stains resulted from smoking and drinking tea in a more effective way, and make teeth white and glare

Unique DTS active formula, could whiten the teeth in depth, prevent teeth stains from forming again, and maintain the whiting effect for a long time

Double-effective protective formula, formula could prevent new color pigment from attaching to teeth, so as to ensure healthy and confident smile

Cool taste, good icy and cool taste could eliminate ozostomia, prevent dental plaque, and provide with fresh taste



Whiten your teeth completely and naturally, especially for man who with black teeth and yellow teeth caused by smoking, tea drinking, coffee and wine, food, etc. You can see your teeth whitened in about 10 days, perfect for smokers, coffee drinkers, and tea drinkers. It leaves your mouth clean and fresh. 

Keep your gingival healthier. Long-term use of this product can help to

Keep periodontal problems away.


Main ingredients

Calcium carbonate, Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS), Strontium chloride, Green tea (flavoring) essence, Menthol, Saccharin, cool pepper mint, etc.


Instruction for use

Remove the foll seal under the lid,open the cap

Put the tooth brush to the cup with water to wet your toothbrush lightly

Insert the toothbrushinto the powder

Brush your teeth as normalfor 2-4mins

Do this twice every day


Some individuals may be sensitive toour tooth powder, if gums become sensitive, decrease or discontinue use. 

Avoid use on damaged teeth, always close the lid after you finished, and press firmly to close to preserve freshness. Not recommended for children.



Keep whitening powder in cool dry place and avoid sunlight.


Shelf life

3 years.



OEM, private packaging is available.

If you order more than 1,000pcs, we can design your private sticker and box.