Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth whitening home kit with nice package

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TW-HK006PDF Teeth whitening home kit

TW-HK006PDF Teeth whitening home kit

Product number:TW-HK006PDF
Product description:TW-HK006PDF Teeth whitening home kit, teeth Whitening at home.

Product Description

Teeth Whitening Home Kit TW-HK006PDF


Teeth whitening Kit In-clinic or at-home



1. Weekly teeth whitening powder 1 box (N.W. 48g)

2. Daily teeth whitening foam toothpaste 1 bottle (50ml) 

3. Teeth whitening pen (peroxide or non peroxide) 1pc (2ml)



Whiten your teeth completely and naturally, especially for man who with black

 teeth and yellow teeth caused by smoking, tea drinking, coffee and wine.

Remove tartar and peculiar smell, leaving your mouth clean and fresh. 

Keep your gingival more healthy.Long-term use of this product can help to

keep periodontal problems away.

Replace traditional toothpaste, more efficient, a new choice of teeth whitening. 


Instruction for use

1.Use teeth whitening foam toothpaste every day, 2 times one day

2.Use teeth whitening powder 2 times one week.

3.Whiten on the go with teeth whitening pen for oral care. 


Keep whitening powder and whitening foam toothpaste in cool dry place and avoid sunlight, the temperature should be under 30 centi degree.


Store extra gel pen in a cool, dry place, store them in the refrigerator out of the reach of children if possible. Never allow the gel to become hot. Do not leave it in directly sunlight or in a hot car.


Shelf life

18 months.


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