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TW-SP02 Teeth Whitening Strip

TW-SP02 Teeth Whitening Strip

Product number:TW-SP02
Product description:TW-SP02 Teeth Whitening Strip, teeth Whitening at home.

Product Description

TW-SP02 Teeth Whitening Strip


Teeth whitening strips are becoming more and more common everyday. Some may be confusing to use or may flood your mouth with gel. Follow these steps to avoid expensive surgery and use your new whitening strips.


Instruction for use

1 Read the instructions on the box carefully. These should give you a basic idea of what you need to do.

2 Remove a strip for the top of your teeth from the package. Usually top teeth are shown more and need to be whiter.

3 Take off all of the packaging around the strip. Be careful not to touch the strip as this may release gel.

4 Handling only the non-gelled side of the strip, wrap it around the front of your teeth, and all excess to the back.

5 Repeat with the bottom strip.

6 Wait for the time specific to the brand. This time should be listed on the box.

7 To avoid gel filling your mouth move your tongue as little as possible, form a barrier with your tongue across the middle of your mouth, and swallow more often than normally unless the box advises otherwise.

8 Remove strips from the teeth. Using thoroughly washed hands, grasp the strip with two fingers and pull it off. This may take a few tries.

9 Spit out all excess gel. Avoid the urge to rinse unless the box says that you can.

10 Look your teeth over for progress. Do not be discouraged if your teeth are not dazzling after the first day. Think back to what you expected before you used the strip. Whitening may take up to a week to show.

11 If wanted, keeps a picture record of your teeth whitening. Results you may not see can surprise you.


Keep in cool dry place and avoid sunlight, the temperature should be under 30 centi degree.

Shelf life:

One year.